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Learning Oils

I have been working in oils lately. Something I have avoided before. I love acrylics, the way you can use watercolour techniques, washes and transparent layers, but I thought I would give oil paint a go. Well turns out I love it! So soft and clean, and the fact that each layer takes time to dry gives me time to reflect on each work. The panic I always feel when working against the clock with acrylics drying so fast is gone.

However I tried to paint in acrylics again and I couldn't remember my techniques!

Plus I rediscovered my favourite acrylic colours like Colony Blue and Australian Blue Gum, and I am still trying to find oil equivalents.

What I find most interesting is that oils seem to want so much more realism and detail. My acrylics have an abstract quality that I haven't yet achieved in oil.

Oh to be good at everything haha.

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