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Pastel and works

Its always a dilemma. Pastel or paint? Pastel is so rich in colour and texture, and being such a blend between drawing and painting it is a joy to work with this medium.

With paint on the other hand you can work as large as you like (or as large as will fit in your car haha), and the surface of the work can remain open and uncovered.

And the nature of the finished work is so different. Pastel gives a sense of peace and stillness while paint can show power and energy. Maybe this has to do with the techniques they each call for.

I love both media. Pastel for its endless colours and beautiful velvet texture and paint for the way that when you start a new work you think 'I cant do this...this is impossible!' but surprisingly over time sometimes you can.

These works are both in the process. The pastel is nearing completion while the painting has just the first layer of paint blocked in. The purpose of both works is to show the energy and beauty of the wild ocean, hopefully.

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